Which is cheaper DTF or DTG?

Direct to film (DTF) printing and direct to garment (DTG) printing are two popular printing techniques that are widely used in the apparel industry. Both techniques have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the choice of printing technique depends on the specific requirements of the project. In this article, we will compare DTF and DTG […]

Can DTF be used on black shirts?

Direct to film (DTF) printing is a popular method of heat transfer printing that is used to produce high-quality images and designs on various substrates, including garments. One of the most common applications of DTF printing is printing on black shirts. In this article, we will explore the topic of DTF printing on black shirts […]

Can I make DTF transfers at home

Direct to Film (DTF) transfers refer to a printing process where the design is directly printed onto a film or transfer paper, which is then heat-pressed onto a garment or any other substrate. With the recent advancements in digital printing technology, DTF transfers have become a popular choice for customizing garments, accessories, and various other […]

Is DTF better than sublimation?

Direct to film (DTF) printing and sublimation are two popular methods used in the textile printing industry. Both of these techniques have their advantages and disadvantages and are used to print designs on a variety of different fabrics. The debate on whether DTF is better than sublimation is ongoing, as it ultimately comes down to […]

What does DTF mean?

DTF, or Direct To Film, is a printing process that directly prints on films, including polyester films, polyethylene films, polypropylene films, and other thin plastic films. In DTF printing, the ink is applied directly to the film surface using a specialized printing machine. The process of DTF printing is ideal for creating high-quality graphics and […]

Which kind of ink use for Direct to film heat transfer print

When it comes to Direct to Film (DTF) heat transfer printing, the type of ink used can greatly impact the final results. This printing method involves transferring an image onto a special film material using heat and pressure, and then applying the film to a garment. The success of the transfer depends on the type […]

Why choose our DTF service (Direct to film heat transfer printing)

CML Printing offers a high-quality Direct to Film (DTF) heat transfer printing service that provides numerous benefits to customers looking for a fast and effective solution for printing their designs on fabric. Whether you’re a business owner, designer, or simply looking to print a special gift for a loved one, DTF heat transfer printing at […]

Why choose DTF (Direct to film heat transfer) to print garment Today

Direct to film heat transfer printing is becoming a popular method of printing garments today due to its many benefits and advantages over traditional printing methods. Here are some of the reasons why many choose direct to film heat transfer printing for their garment printing needs: In conclusion, direct to film heat transfer printing is […]

How DTF printer works

Direct to film heat transfer printing, also known as DTF printing, is a process of printing images or designs directly onto film material using heat and pressure. This printing process is becoming increasingly popular in the garment and textile industry, as it offers several benefits over traditional printing methods such as screen printing and sublimation […]

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